It brings us immense joy to inform you that our Metal Powerhouse band, DIETH has received a prestigious nomination in not one, but two ‘Best of’ categories for The 66th Annual Grammy Awards

Our track “Walk With Me Forever” is in the running for Best Rock Performance, and “To Hell and Back” has earned us a nomination for Best Metal Performance.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated, and we are incredibly thankful for your ongoing support.

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Walk with Me Forever – Best Rock Performance

To Hell And Back – Best Metal Performance


Metal Powerhouse DIETH (Napalm Records) – featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) will play their first USA show on January 25th 2024 at The House Of Blues Anaheim, CA for the METAL ALLEGIANCE 10th anniversary celebration (which will also coincide with the return of the Winter NAMM show). The night will be sponsored by Dean Guitars, ddrum and Heavys Headphones, with opening acts Held Hostage and QUOR.

Since the band’s inception in 2014, Metal Allegiance is comprised of the core 4 members of (Mark Menghi – bass, songwriter, Alex Skolnick – guitars, David Ellefson – bass, and Mike Portnoy – drums), and has issued two full-lengths (2015’s self-titled debut and 2018’s Volume II: Power Drunk Majesty) and an EP (2016’s Fallen Heroes).

In addition to Menghi, Portnoy, Skolnick, and Ellefson, the show will feature John Bush (Armored Saint), Chuck Billy (Testament), Troy Sanders (Mastodon), Brann Dailor (Mastodon), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura), Bobby Blitz (Overkill), Gary Holt (Exodus/Slayer), Doc Coyle (Bad Wolves / God Forbid), Hel Pyre (Nervosa) and Chris Poland (ex-Megadeth), among others in addition to their usual unannounced surprise guests.

Says Ellefson:
“It’s hard to believe it’s been 10 years since we started Metal Allegiance out on the Motorhead Motorboat Cruise, but here we are, a couple of albums and a whole bunch of shows later, celebrating the strength and resilience of heavy metal together. This is such a great opportunity for Dieth to play its debut show in North America with the icons of metal who round out Metal Allegiance! Our genre supports its own…. Looking forward to the show as everything is back in full swing NAMM 2024!  See you there!!”

Says Miranda:

“There is no better way to set our footprint in the US than to be part of a celebration like the one we will have in Anaheim at House of Blues, alongside all of our favorite musicians from killer bands during the NAMM show. This is going to be a night to remember!”


Today, the band is thrilled to release their new single and bassist David Ellefson’s first ever solo lead vocal performance of his career, “Walk With Me Forever”. The touching ballad – which premiered yesterday via Loudwire Nights – holds very special meaning on this US Memorial Day week, as it explores the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on. 

The track’s haunting accompanying music video, also out today, shows David Ellefson narrating a story of love and loss, directed by Oskar Szramka and starring notable Polish actors Jan Napieralski and Agnieszka Goździewicz.

Ellefson states about the track:
“We’ve all experienced loss and grief at some point in our life, and this song expresses that feeling as well as the gratitude we find when when accepting, letting go and carrying the beauty of that person’s life with us as we move on.”

Watch the music video for “Walk with Me Forever” HERE:


Watch the music video for “Don’t Get Mad…Get Even!” HERE:

Says Ellefson, “The best revenge is being better than you were before. “Don’t Get Mad… Get Even!’ is about the champion in us that helps us overcome and rise above. Don’t get bitter…get better!”

Adds Guilherme, “When things fall apart, instead pointing the finger at others, you can turn around, work on yourself, do your best and find your way to get truly even.”

Michał Łysejko offers one more sage thought: “In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream will win – not by strength, but by perseverance”.


Fot Maciej Pieloch

Death thrash force DIETH – featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) – finally make their highly anticipated return with the upcoming release of their debut full-length via Napalm Records, entitled To Hell And Back, out June 2, 2023!

Produced by DIETH with mixing and mastering by Tomasz Zed Zalewski at Zed Studios in Chechło, Poland, the album represents new beginnings – musically, lyrically and for the band members themselves. Weaving a sinister thread of unrelenting tech-steeped death metal, rapid thrash bangers and even boasting the first ever lead vocal performance by David Ellefson on a track, the members of DIETH have pushed beyond the stereotypes of their former genres to create an unexpected yet charismatic and dynamic new sonic footprint.

Today, DIETH dominate with second single and title track “To Hell And Back” – marking the anticipated rebirth of these three metal greats. The track delivers a punishing death metal attack – with commanding vocals, tight, diverse percussion attacks, deep, grooving bass, inventive, technical riffs and a soaring solo. The high quality video shows the members pushing back against the dark forces around them, one by one, amid fiery performance footage.

Frontman Guilherme Miranda says about “To Hell And Back”:

“‘To Hell And Back’ is the song that best describes our individual and collective journeys as professional musicians. For an album to connect with the listener, it has to have deep meaning, and this wraps up this whole moment for us. We’ve been to Hell – and we’re Back!”

Watch the music video for “To Hell And Back” HERE:

DIETH set the metalsphere ablaze when they dropped their debut single and now album track, “In The Hall of the Hanging Serpents”, in mid-2022. Met with acclaim from both fans and media alike, the surprise track marked the exciting resurgence of these three renowned musicians, coming together as a new musical force after years of silence. 

Opening with an entrancing acoustic introduction, first track “To Hell And Back” quickly slams in with a punishing death metal attack. Tracks like “Dead Inside” and “Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!” showcase the thrash-infused side of DIETH, while death metal anthems such as “Wicked Disdain” and “The Mark of Cain” lean diabolical with hair-raising solos and breakneck paced rhythms backed by crushing walls of aggression. Standout “Free Us All” flirts with the record’s pace by blending winding passages and aggression with throwback bass-driven interludes with psychedelic production, followed by “Heavy Is The Crown” – a slow and low grinder featuring stoner metal groove, a swaying chorus and a blues-infused solo. Pensive, powerful ballad “Walk With Me Forever” showcases David Ellefson’s lead vocal performance debut, singing about the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on.

Ending with intensely beautiful “Severance”, To Hell And Back proves that DIETH isn’t just another side project or “supergroup”, but rather the collective reincarnation of three renowned heavy metal forces who, by harnessing their own pain and conflict, have delivered an exciting next chapter no metal fan will want to miss!

Bassist/vocalist David Ellefson says about the new album:

“This album has been a terrific collaboration, building upon our past as we created a new sound together… we’re looking forward to unleashing the fury!”

Pre-Order To Hell And Back HERE:


To Hell And Back track listing:

  • 1. To Hell And Back
  • 2. Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!
  • 3. Wicked Disdain
  • 4. Free Us All
  • 5. Heavy Is The Crown
  • 6. Walk With Me Forever
  • 7. Dead Inside
  • 8. The Mark Of Cain
  • 9. In The Hall Of The Hanging Serpents
  • 10. Severance

To Hell And Back will be available in the following formats:

  • 1CD Digisleeve
  • 1LP Gatefold Black
  • Limited 1LP Die Hard Vinyl (Marbled Red/Black) w/ wristband, embroidered patch, signed autograph card – Napalm mail order only, limited to 300
  • Digital Album


DIETH is an international Death & Thrash Metal band founded in Gdańsk, Poland. Created from three of the most powerful forces in their respective genres, guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.), drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) and bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth) have pushed beyond the stereotypes to create a charismatic new sound; one that is rich with powerful riffs, inventive grooves & nefarious lyrics as the passageway for their new declaration.

DIETH is from left to right: Michał Łysejko, Guilherme Miranda, David Ellefson

Explains Guilherme, “It has been so much happening lately (in life), feeling the need to express ourselves accordingly. Create something new, have a fresh start. Personally, it was a matter of life or death to come back playing music. To do something truly meaningful and finally cope with the anger and grief. Sometimes you have to die inside to be reborn. This is what DIETH represents, a new sonic driving force that leave the past behind.”

Continues Ellefson, “The three of us found an immediate connection when trading some ideas over the Internet, and the band just formed itself when we cut the track In the Hall of the Hanging Serpents. I love that the music is defined by the European Death Metal ideologies. DIETH allows a much heavier side of my musical tastes to be recognized.”

Drummer Michał Łysejko adds “For me, DIETH is awakening from a creative lethargy, with the full feeling that the time has come. The lightness with which DIETH’s music flows from us, combining our inspirations and experiences into a whole, is proof of this. The fact that the band was formed in the Tri-City I come from has a symbolic meaning for me.”

The video for the group’s first single In the Hall of the Hanging Serpents was filmed in Gdańsk and directed by Maciej Pieloch – MP Productions which captures the fervor of the band’s heavy & charismatic sound, and mixed by Tomasz ZED Zalewski , renowed sound enginneer who captured the sound and the spirit of the whole band.





JUNE 13 2023Drizzly Grizzly Gdańsk, PL

JUNE 14 2023Pod Minoga Poznań, PL

JUNE 16 2023CAPITOL – Hannover, DE

JUNE 18 2023Graspop Music Festival Dessel, BE

JULY 7 2023Fajtfest Velke Mezrici, CZ

AUGUST 3 2023Vagos Metal Fest Vagos, PT

AUGUST 20 2023Motocultor Festival Carhaix, FR



JANUARY 25 2024 METAL ALLEGIANCE Special 10th Anniversary Show Anaheim, CA